Quesoni was founded as a cooperative in 2016, although the projects that make it up have a rich history in their own right. At its heart is the company Quesoni de Cardedeu, founded in 2007 and dedicated to technical events services (sound, lighting and production), which has been joined by projects which have emerged from the Say it Loud festival and Rebelmadiaq Sound System, connected to local community cultural and festival spaces and organisations. The project is based at La Comunal.

Our work ranges from providing sound at shows and concerts, to the promotion of our own events and community cultural work. We also provide support and management to artists, and audiovisual and streaming services. Quesoni has gained significant experience over the years, and the cooperative provides a quality seal to the projects in which we are involved.

Our cooperative aims to give voice to our values through cultural initiatives as a project from the community and social and solidarity economy, extending the cooperative model to the culture sector, and providing professional technical services to activist and community group events.

La comunal i Quesoni
Quesoni a La comunal
Quesoni - cultura cooperativa
Riera d’Escuder, 38, Nau 3 planta baixa