Lacol is an architects’ cooperative established in 2009 in the neighbourhood of Sants in Barcelona. Our work focuses on the development of sustainable and holistic community facilities as a key tool for ecosocial change through architecture, cooperativism and participation.

  • We are involved in housing projects, in particular cooperative housing, providing support throughout the development and management process and during all phases of design, construction and life cycle monitoring.
  • We bring facilities and workspaces to life, with a particular emphasis on those within the social and solidarity economy.
  • Our involvement in projects goes beyond the building itself and focuses on the impact on the local area, with an aim to meet present and future urban challenges such as issues of aging, health, gender, energy transition and rewilding.

The team at Lacol includes the architects responsible for the design of La Comunal.

Lacol - habitatge cooperatiu
Lacol a La comunal
Lacol - cultura cooperativa
Riera d’Escuder, 38, nau 2 planta 1