La ciutat invisible

La Ciutat Invisible is a self-managed workers’ cooperative. Our activity is focused on creating and sharing critical content and ideas that encourage political and social change. Our project came to life in 2005 in the neighbourhood of Sants, and we carry out our work in three main areas:

  • The bookshop and clothing store: with a collection specialised in critical theory, we organise presentations and cultural activities based on the interests of both the cooperative and the invisible community that supports us. In addition, we offer a range of clothing for adults and children made using organic, fair trade cotton.
  • Cooperative support: we provide support to other cooperatives in a range of processes (creation, transformation, consolidation, etc.). We are also members of Coópolis, a joint community project, as well as other social and solidarity economy and local authority bodies focused on the development of the facilities for the promotion of the cooperative economy located at Can Batlló;
  • Research and training: we coordinate the Postgraduate Degree in Social and Solidarity Economics offered by the XES and spearhead, promote and participate in research related to feminist economies, anti-racism, urban studies, cooperative and working-class history, and cooperative culture.

At La Ciutat Invisible, we believe that intercooperation is an essential part of who we are. That is why we are part of La Comunal, a cooperative cultural space that we share with seven other projects from the social and solidarity economy in the Sants neighbourhood.

La ciutat invisible a La comunal
La Ciutat Invisible a La comunal
La comunal carretera de sants
Carrer Riera d’Escuder, 38