Jamgo is a technology solutions cooperative whose main objective is to use technology as a tool to promote projects focused on social change. Jamgo was founded with the intention of creating a different kind of working environment which puts values such as internal democracy, transparency and cooperation with others at the centre. Jamgo is a workplace in which all workers are members of the organisation and are paid equally. There are no differences between the members, and anyone who joins the cooperative has exactly the same rights and obligations as those who have been here since the beginning.

We design and develop a host of technological solutions tailored to our customers’ needs, from web pages to advanced applications. We use open-source software, which favours the creation of collective projects and enables us to dispense with private licenses that benefit only a select few. Jamgo’s journey is focused on offering fairer, more accessible, horizontal and free technology, at the service of society as a whole.

Jamgo – Principal services:

  • App and web development. Web platforms and mobile apps are key to bringing projects, products and services together. We develop custom-built websites, web apps and native apps.
  • Web design, prototyping and usability. Web design which enables users to quickly and easily access what they are looking for. We offer design with a focus on “user experience”.
  • Advanced programming. Consultancy, prototyping and development for solving complex problems. Our speciality is designing and developing customised computer applications. We study the objectives, sector of activity and specific needs of our customers and offer personalised technological solutions.
  • SEO positioning and digital analytics. Being well-positioned in search engines helps projects increase their visibility and ensure they are easily found. We consider analytics to be fundamental in correctly appraising data and project effectiveness.

For JamgoLa Communal  is an opportunity to bring about change together with other projects from the social and solidarity economy, as well as to grow without abandoning our  local roots in the neighbourhood of Sants.