Irídia – Centre for the Defence of Human Rights is an association which carries out work in Catalonia to raise awareness of and defend human rights, especially civil and political rights, using a methodology based on the combination of strategic litigation, psychosocial support, transformative communication and political advocacy from an intersectional feminist perspective, with the aim of encouraging changes in public policy.

At Irídia, we offer comprehensive support to fight human rights infringements, combining legal and psychosocial support for those affected, with the aim of helping them to grow in strength and confidence. The relationships those affected have with those close to them is a key part of this process. Where the affected person gives their consent, we take up their case as part of strategic litigation, as a means by which human rights standards can be raised. We also focus on efforts to ensure genuine equality and non-discrimination as a matter of gender justice.

Likewise, we carry out political and social advocacy work via communication campaigns and direct interaction with a range of political and parliamentary groups and government bodies at a local, regional and national level. We also provide advice on public policy, informed by the specialised work carried out by each area within the organisation.

Our primary objective is to raise human rights standards as they apply to institutional violence, racism and migration, historical memory, deprivation of liberty and the right to protest. We endeavour to serve as an effective, rigorous, transparent and independent resource within the Catalan, Spanish and international networks of organisations and social movements working for social change and global justice. We are based at La Comunal, in the neighbourhood of Sants.

Irídia a La comunal
Riera d'Escuder 38, Nau 1, baixos