Entrepobles is an ecosocial activist association that works with human rights, environmental, indigenous and feminist communities and organisations in Latin America, mainly in Central America and the Andean Countries (Ecuador and Peru).

We undertake cooperative, emancipatory education and political advocacy work, developing alliances and networks of mutual support with alternative social movements in order to defend human rights and the environment, as well as those who have suffered threats as a result of defending the sovereignty of their territory.

We work to ensure that public bodies take their responsibilities seriously with respect to trade policies, extraction of resources and political interests. We also work to ensure that transnational corporations are held accountable for their voracious practices and human and environmental rights infringements.

At Entrepobles, we also endeavour to promote public awareness and action to tackle the environmental footprint of our daily activities – including investment, consumption and transport – through talks, activities with secondary school students, creation and dissemination of documentaries, publications and participation in debates on climate and social justice.

Carrer d'en Blanco, 73, 08028 Barcelona