La Deskomunal

La Deskomunal is a workers’ cooperative which began in 2020, building on the work carried out by two longstanding projects, the Koitton Club and the Kop de Mà, both of which have built up a considerable reputation in the neighbourhood and the city as a whole. There are currently nine working members in the cooperative, with approximately eighty collaborative members.

The project aims to provide high-quality employment, food and cultural events in a venue run for and by local residents. La Deskomunal is both a live music and cultural space and a bar-restaurant that offers quality food using local products as part of the transformative economy, based at La Comunal.

We aim to provide an alternative to the exploitation found in traditionally precarious sectors such as hospitality and events organisation. We understand culture as common wealth, a means of connecting people, and a tool for grassroots change that is accessible to all.

La Deskomunal a La comunal
La Deskomunal - cultura cooperativa
La Deskomunal al barri de Sants

Riera d'Escuder, 38, 08028 Barcelona