La Directa

La Directa is a Catalan-language news media, research, debate and analysis outlet based at La Comunal. Our mission is to contribute to social change by highlighting abuse of power and injustice, and promoting alternatives. Thanks to a network of local hubs and collaborators woven since 2006, La Directa reaches the more than 3,000 subscribers who provide support to the project. Over our 15 years of existence, the project has slowly but surely taken up its position in the strategically important media sector. In 2016, ten years after we began, we believed that it was time to take a step forward. This is why we set up a consumer cooperative with the participation of the full range of support groups that have been with us since the beginning.

The essence of La Directa’s journalism is visible in various formats: we produce in physical format, to give space to in-depth, analytical and reflective journalism. We also offer a web edition, keeping track of the latest news and providing a channel to access the most up-to-date information. Over the years and throughout the areas we cover, we have taken steps to enhance the quality and depth of our photographic and audiovisual coverage, as well as our graphic presentations and illustrations.

The paper edition, which is published every fifteen days, is the project’s original product and the format which best allows us to promote La Directa’s coverage and sustain the project economically. In continuing to develop and nurture our paper edition, we have also undertaken the journey to complement it with a web edition that includes and brings together an ever-growing range of interactive formats. In short, La Directa seeks to be a communicative tool for highlighting the work carried out by activists and political, social and cultural projects that represent an alternative to the current model which are often rendered invisible in the mainstream media.

La Directa a La comunal
La comunal i la Directa
Cooperativa La Directa

Riera d’Escuder, 38, Nau 1, Planta 1